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    Default yamaha c-70 control amp

    I have a chance to get my hands on a yamaha c-70 control/preamp for a good price(less than $150, and in great shape.) My main reason is to be able to hook up my Harmon Kardon T-120 turntable to it, and to use a couple of my Marantz Ma-500 amps to drive it all. I have read some great reviews on this preamp as far as the phono hook-ups and parametric EQ. I have a chance to preview this preamp for the weekend, as it is currently owned by a friend from work.The thing I'm a bit confused about, is the best way to hook up the turntable and amps. What's the "simple" deal with this inverted preamp output? Also the direct phono inputs? Which would work best for me, or should I just try a couple different hook-ups and see which sounds best? And by the way I could also get my hands on the M-50 stereo amp, though the reviews weren't so good on that piece. I think I could get both for $200. Thanks.

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    The C-70 alone is worth around $180.00. The Yamaha preamps are legendary for their excellent phono stage, and I think you will be impressed no matter how your TT is hooked up. The direct phono input provides the shortest signal path, bypassing some of the switching options. Whether the direct or normal inputs are best depends on your personal tastes, and whether you can hear a difference.

    The inverted outputs are for use when operating a pair of stereo amplifiers in BTL (a.k.a. bridged transformerless) or bridged mode. You plug a single stereo amplifier into the R+L normal outputs. The inverted outputs put out a signal that is 180 degrees out of phase with that from the normal outputs. Driving both channels of a stereo amplifier with a signal that is 180 degrees opposite in phase gives you a single-channel amp that is more than 3 times the power as when operated in stereo.

    You can hook up a single stereo amp to the normal outputs and ignore the inverted outputs. You don't need to use them to enjoy the preamp.

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    OK, sounds good. Thanks for the info...can't wait to try it out!

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