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    Default Improving Tsi 100's sound...

    Has anyone done any tweaking to their Tsi 100's to get better sound? I know they aren't the flagship models of Polk's bookshelves but I was wondering if anyone has been able to get more depth and better imaging. I plan on upgrading to Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cable and Im trying to find a Carver TFM-6CB amp to get more power. They are currently being powered by an older RCA receiver (I know this is a weak link, but a new AVR isn't in the budget at the moment) And I'm using a Pioneer SW-8MKII subwoofer....So long story short, is there anything I can physically do to the speaker to the speaker to get better sound?

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    One thing you can do to that I did think of at your house was to pull the speakers away from the back wall. It can help clean up some of the midbass as well as get rid of possible boomyness
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    I would think that they, like all speakers built to a price point, would benefit from upgrading Xover components. Pretty easy to swap out caps and resistors if you can use a soldering iron.
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