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    Default Monitor 25C center $129 at

    I just wanted to pass along what seems to be a very good deal: has the Polk New Monitor 25C center channel speaker (black) for $129. It usually sells on newegg between $179-$199 so that is a pretty good deal.

    I have never heard the Monitior 25C but it looks like a beast of a center speaker.

    I am almost tempted to get one myself at that price because, at some point in the future, I'd like to get into home theater.

    I am curious what others have to say about the Monitor 25C.
    How is it? Does it sound as awesome as it looks? What would be appropriate fronts to go along with it?


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    The appropriate fronts would be either the Polk Monitor 65t or 75t.

    At least, those are two I would recommend pairing them up with.

    Some people will say you can pair it up with the 55t or monitor bookshelves but I actually think the 15C is a better match for those.

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    It's about the same as the CS2 Series 2 just a newer (better?) model. Pair with 70 or 75's, same drivers, thus timbre.

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    Styles change. Great sound endures. Pretty sure they are still using the same drivers and cross overs that I have in my Monitors with the silver front. Good speakers for the money spent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PolkieMan View Post
    It's about the same as the CS2 Series 2 just a newer (better?) model. Pair with 70 or 75's, same drivers, thus timbre.
    I have the CS2 (not Series 2) and if the 25C is the same, if not better than the CS2, I think OP will love it. : )
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