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Thread: 10 songs

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    Default 10 songs

    If you were chosen to make a compilation CD by Steve Hoffman, Mark Knopfler, Bruce Brown, Alan Parsons, Russ Titelman, Ken Kreisel, Jeremy Tressler, Michael Bergek, Andy Jackson and the like....

    What ten songs would you put on said album to make it a top audiophile album compilation?

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    Well, since you asked this at the same time I started listening to Dire Straights first album, I will say Down To The Waterline by Mark Knopfler.

    For whatever reason, I love the line, "French kisses in the darkened doorways".
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    Flight of the Cosmic Hippo by Bela Fleck should be a consideration as I have not heard a track go as deep and still be musical like this one does.

    Another would be Patricia Barber's "Too Rich for my Blood" is a great track that seems to test just about everything your system can do all at once. The track also carries the coveted "Bobfather Seal of Approval".
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    Alan Parsons-The System Of Doctor Tar And Professor Feather, Dire Straits, any tune off Communique you pick it. Sorry no help with the others, 2 out of Ten is all I can contribute.

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    For Mark Knopfler I would go with Water of Love or Sailing to Philadelphia. Sorry not too familiar with the others.

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    Dire Straits - Telegraph Road
    Alan Parsons- I Would Not Want To be Like You

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