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Thread: socks vs. boxes

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    Default socks vs. boxes

    I have both styles of speakers and right now the Time Frame 350s seem to be the clear winner for me in both clarity ,enough bass, and a great wide soundstage. Now, I know people who have box/cabinet type speakers go to great lenghts to both either stuff w/ polyfill or deadening matting and also adding bracing of various cross members. So who has it right,The Vandertseen modern phase array w/ socks and the vintage DCM Fime Frames or or the numerable amount of tower ,rectangle closed or ported box designs.Again as w/ all speakers this can be just a subjective matter or is there enough science behind doing away w/ the box when you get to a higher level of speaker.Also I'm pretty sure Vadersteen has patents out on their designs which would make it inheritantly harder for the compitition to copy.This also is not to say that I do not like my ADC303ax as they have what I would call the familiar east coast AR2 type of sound.What brought me to this was I was moving my Infinitys 112s around and tapped on the rear panel and heard nothing but the most hollow of sounds which could lead to most peoples dislike of this speaker.
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    Vandersteen has been making a derivative of the same speaker since like the mid 70s? Wonder how much longer that patent will be good for?

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