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    Default good will alert for tube dudes

    I just got back from cruising my local GW and got some albums that are in amazing shape.That's not what's so tremendous.
    Along the right wall was mid century living rm consol. I didn't see a t.v. but what was in there was Fisher Regent
    stereo tuner and a Dual 1226 w/ what looked like a Shure MK5 cart and stylus. Speakers ,sorry I have no idea. This being 10%
    Tuesday it's going for $74.99. This is long and heavy, all tubes looked intact but I didn't turn the thing on because it is to monstrous for me and I wouldn't know what to do w/ it. It's at the Aberdeen N.J. Good Will off rt 35north.
    The albums I got Fragile YES-- Al Di Mieola Casino and Boz Scaggs Hits all in great shape for a buck a piece.
    2chl- Adcom 555- NAD 1020a pre- JVC-QL-A200 tt- Denon 1940 ci cdp- Samson - 9 outlet- Niles - 6 zone spkr selector- DCM TF 350s- ADC 303ax- KLH 331- Polk Audio '87 SDA 2Bs w/ ic cable (Dynamat extreme, black hole-5- Mills 0.5 resistor, liquid nails, RDO- 194 tweeters, Larry's rings, Armaflex gaskets, stained walnut tops )

    H/T- Toshiba au40" flat- Yamaha RX- V665 avr- YSD-11 Dock- I-Pod- Klipsch #500HD Speaker set- Sony ce 375 5 disc carosel cdp-

    Nikko 6065 receiver- JBL J2060

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    Nice find on the LP's I have no idea about tubes or use them..

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    WellI think if that thing wasn't so long and heavy the Fisher Regent receiver/amp w/ Dual 1226tt might be for somebody like MHardy.I should have I investegated a little better for the brand and condition of the speakers.You never know,could be JBLs in there.Clearly I'm not into tubes either but if the whole pkge. works it could be a good find for $75 bucks.

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