I have owned the Sherwood R-972 with Trinnov now for about a year, and I still keep discovering new things about it. I thought I would share a thing or two that might be of interest to us audiophile types, lol. In retrospect, there is no way a reviewer could have this processor for a short time to review it, and know very much about it, especially as it concerns Trinnov. It’s really not their fault in a way. For one reason, the R-972's manual is not nearly as comprehensive, and explicative as it needs to be. There are things that one will discover the R-972/Trinnov does by accident, or by reading somewhere like in Curt Hoyt’s (from Trinnov) ongoing AVS articles for R-972 owners concerning Trinnov.....which incidentally, I'm surprised that this man, and Trinnov have enough interest in a supposedly discontinued product to keep writing and answering questions about it. Secondly, Audyssey is probably the room correction technology that most reviewers are familiar with, but this ain’t Audyssey. I doubt any knowledge of Audyssey will help them understand how Trinnov works in this processor. So, I believe there are many things not mentioned about Trinnov and the R-972 that would have been enlightening to people had reviewers known about them.

The one thing that I want to talk about here, and that I don’t remember reading in any of the reviews on this unit, is how that 2 channel analog stereo works with “Remastering”, “Pure Audio” and Trinnov.

When using two channel RCA stereo L/R “out” from my old Philips CD-50 CD player into RCA L/R “in” on the Sherwood some magic can happen:

1) Remastering - Remastering is a feature that only works with 2 channel stereo. I’ve tried both HDMI and analog, and it definitely works better with analog. When engaged, Remastering upsamples the source material by 2x. If you have a CD that is 16/44.1khz it will be “remastered” or upsampled to 24/88.2. If your source material is 88.2, it will be up-sampled to 176.4. Resolution max’s out at 24/192. The sound is pretty amazing with Remastering engaged. There is a noticeable improvement in sound. I would like to know if this feature is available on another processor.

2) Pure Audio - When engaged, it turns off all video circuitry and this supposedly enhances audio quality by eliminating any potential degradation of sound by having video processing circuitry on at the same time. This feature is not exclusive to the R-972. I’ve read mixed reviews though on whether Pure Audio mode really affects the sound, but with the R-972 it is definitely unmistakable. This took the audio to another level. Having “Remastering” + “Pure Audio” on at the same is really something to hear. Flat sounding CD’s got fatter in tone. More high frequency clarity. More defined bass. Better separation and localization of instruments.

3) Trinnov - Initially, I thought that it only worked using HDMI. But, Trinnov also works in 2 channel analog stereo as well! Not only can you apply a number of Trinnov presets to change to the EQ of your choice, but more importantly to me is that Trinnov takes over total bass management/EQ of your sub(s) as if you were running via HDMI, but again, this is 2 channel analog stereo via RCA ins I’m talking about! The sound is already amazing with my 15 year old CD player. I can’t imagine using an Oppo BDP-105‘s dedicated stereo outs with this setup. I’m sure it would benothing short of amazing. But “Remastering” my redbook CD's from 16/44.1 to 24/88.2 + engaging ”Pure Audio” +turning on Trinnov to the "Audiophile 1" setting and all this on in analog stereo is a combination that has an fantastic sound.

I don’t know enough about Audyssey to know if it does any upsampling plus room correction in 2 channel stereo via RCA? Maybe someone could chime in about that. I would like to know. All I know is that now that I am spoiled by this 2 channel sonic “nirvana”. Does anyone know if Audyssey has a feature like this?