Well I guess this is what retirement does to a person that has always been into music and the improving technology of how it's delivered. I have slowly been making improvements, ie., new integrated amp, upgraded speakers, DAC, sub, etc. Now I'm ready to return to vinyl. I started collecting LP's in the early 60's. I have a sizeable collection. I really like listening to blues and jazz on vinyl vice digital format and now I am ready to seriously start making some decisions on pre amps and turntables. I have visited several websites, ie., Soundstage Direct, Vinyl at Music Direct, Cambridge Audio, Audio Advisor, and of course Crutchfields, etc. Clearly the purchase of a preamp and a turntable is dictated by budget and knowledge. I am limited somewhat in both areas. So for the present time I have been looking at a Rega RP3 Turntable with Elys 2 Cartridge. For the preamp I am considering a Azur 651P Moving Magnet (MM) & Moving Coil (MC) Phono Pre-amplifier/ The preamp is about 1000 bucks and the Azur is about 230 bucks. All within my price range. I could go a little higher, but it doesn't seem my ear would detect the difference of something say 500/750 more in price for the turntable. Rega gets good reviews from the sources I have read as does the Azur. Once this purchase is made I will looking at a home theater set up, but not immediately. I have always been a two channel person, but after seeing movies on a good 5.1 or 7.1 system at friend's of mine homes I can't resist. Probably the 5.1 system would be adequate for me. These projects will be in my basement as my wife has no interest in any of this in the family room upstairs. So if anyone want to leave comments and make suggestions I would be forever grateful. So many knowledgeable and friendly people on the Polk forum that I feel it worthwhile to share my interests. I have always been a Polk customer. Still wish I had my first purchase from Polk, a pair of SDA 1's I made in 1987. I still have my original integrarted amp, a Sansui Aux-901. One of the best vintage amps around. I am awaiting my latest Polk purchase the 705's which should be here any day. Also upgraded speaker cable from Blue Jeans Cable. So any input would be appreciated.