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    Default Tweeter issue.... Cross over issue?

    OK... I have 3 month old Polk RTi A9's.

    Reference music- Blake Shelton

    - My right speaker seems very bright and the high from guitars, voices ect come through perfectly and fairly loud.
    - My left speaker is not so bright and overall seems a little more boomy.

    I cut down the base and fixated my listening directly at each tweeter about 6 inches or so away.

    - My right tweeter seems to be hitting highs beautifully, voices are perfect. Overall can hear tweeter with no issues (I guess what makes them bright).
    - My left tweeter seems to be noticeably not so distinct. Voices and guitars seem to blend with the mids.

    Many of the riffs from the steel type of guitar only seems to be audible from the right tweeter.

    Upon this issue I felt I had a tweeter malfunction and contacted Polk and received my replacement tweeter today. I replaced the tweeter and performed the same test as above to the same songs.


    I disconnected the mids and only had the tweeters playing. Same issue as noted above.

    Any suggestions? Crossovers? Receiver?

    Thank you!
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    Kenwood DR-V5070
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    CSI A6- Center
    Energy 10 Sub
    Panamax M4300-PM Power Conditioner

    Working on updating my set up

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    Could be simple as a bad connection in the receiver or even as simple as the wire being bad. Try looking at those two first
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    Why didn't you swap tweeters before calling to order a new one?

    Anyway, swap the left and right speaker. If the problem stays with the original left speaker then you know it's the speaker and not anything else. Report back.
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