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    Default In-wall Speakers for Home Theater

    I am new to Polk's offerings and was looking at the different product lines for in-wall speakers. I am looking for a complete 7 speaker surround in-wall setup. I also listen to music on the system.

    This is a case of too many options. I downloaded four (I think) catalogs for different in-wall speakers. At no place on the Polk site can I find a comparison of the different lines to know which one might be appropriate for me.

    There is the LS, RT, SC and line RC line (I think I got them all).

    Usually, when a manufacturer offers so many options, there is a distinct difference between them. What are the differences?

    Paralysis by analysis. Either some product line simplification is needed, or there needs to be a page comparing the four different lines stating the strengths and weaknesses of each. Marketing 101.

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    The LS and RT speakers are part of the vanishing series.* These are speakers with magnetic grilles that are great if you need to paint them to match the wall.* These would be matching speakers to the LSi and RTiA speakers respectively.* LS speakers would be top of the line, with the best speakers, voice coils, and crossovers.* The RT speakers are second in line, not quite as much detail as the LS line, but still a great sound.* The RC and SC are pretty similar, but the RC speakers are moisture resistant, so they can go outside, in bathrooms or in saunas.

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