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    Default sacd sanity check / help

    I received a tube sacd player and after several sets of tubes found the sound I w. Looking for with some early 60s mullard.

    For redbook I use a w4s dac2. Here is where I need the sanity check / help.

    As a transport going to the dac, the non tube and the tube units I cannot hear a difference. Am I better off keeping the non tube sacd player for redbook to the dac to save the tubes in the tube unit and only
    Use the tube unit for sacd only?

    This is not to start a fight about there is a difference in transport sounds. I agree there is a difference in transports when I tried my old denon vs the 2 units I have now, I heard a difference right away and so did newrival. But the 2 units I have now as a transport its hard to tell them apart.

    So is my thinking on extending the tube life by using the non tube unit as a transport stupid or it wont make a difference in the tubes life? If it doesnt make a difference, I will just sell the non tube unit.

    Thanks for the sanity check.

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    I don't know how quickly you will run through tubes, nor how much you spent on the non-tube sacd player. However, assuming the non-tube sacd player wasn't stupid cheap, and also assuming the tubes will last a while, I'd sell the non-tube sacd, use the proceeds to buy a cache of tubes, and not worry so much.

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    I think BigDawg has a great idea
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    The tubes in a CD/SACD player will last for years and years, so don't worry about it.
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