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    Jan 2012

    Default Just picked up - B&W ASW600

    I stopped by an estate sale over the weekend and was lucky to find a clean Bowers & Wilkins ASW600 subwoofer for sale for $110. I grabbed it and headed home immediately.

    Plugged into my HT system in place of the current Polk PSW10, I was immediately surprised at the difference in bass. The B&W bass is much much tighter, perhaps attributable to its sealed enclosure. In contrast, the Polk sounds much less composed, almost flatter. Both can put out equally low tones but it was much easier to integrate the B&W into the left and right speakers, especially for music - it seemed to disappear seamlessly into my BA-200s. It's very competent with movies as well. I always had a problem integrating the PSW10 into the L and R speakers for music - I could always hear the Polk. This seems to do the trick.

    My Polk has moved upstairs to my bedroom rig, which consists of a Lepai 2020+ amp driving two B&W DM601s in support of the TV. It's doing a good job in that environment and since we listen at much lower levels there it integrates a little better with the B&W monitors.
    HT System:
    Pioneer VSX-820-k
    Front: Polk Monitor 7B Restored
    Rear: Currently not in service
    Center: Boston Acoustic VR12
    Sub: Bowers & Wilkins ASW600

    Restored Pioneer VSX-1250
    Yamaha P-500 Turntable

    Living Room:
    NAD 7240PE
    Klipsch KG4

    Harman Kardon 3380
    Bowers & Wilkins DM601
    Polk PSW10

    In and out of rotation:
    KLH Model 6,
    Polk Monitor 5 Series II
    Design Acoustic PS-10A
    NAD 7100

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    Integrating my sub for music took some time but well worth the effort.

    Nice find you made!

    H9: If you don't trust what you are hearing, then maybe you need to be less invested in a hobby which all the pleasure comes from listening to music.

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    Mar 2006


    I've heard those are very nice subwoofers, and I always prefer a sealed over ported design.

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    May 2013
    Westfield, Indiana


    Kenwood KR-V8070
    Kenwood DR-V5070
    Polk RTi A9- Mains
    CSI A6- Center
    Energy 10 Sub
    Panamax M4300-PM Power Conditioner

    Working on updating my set up

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