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    Default Monitor 75T or CSi5 as Center?

    I just upgraded my L/R to the Monitor 75Ts from a pair of Monitor 40s, the 40s are now the surrounds and my old surrounds are the new rears (Monitor 30s). I am currently using a CS1 as the center and it is obviously the weak link compared to the new 75Ts. I watch a lot of movies and TV with this setup and don't listen to much music with it. Soon I will be building a home theater and this set will be going in there so basically no music. I am going to build a AT projector screen and the speakers will go behind that so size isn't a concern. I have a Marantz 6005 powering this and looking to upgrade to a Denon 3313 or something similar.

    I have around 200-250 to spend on a new center and I can't help but to think a that a 75T will be a great match as a Center. Or is there a reason they make centers and I should just get a CSi5 off of Polk Direct?

    Any thoughts?

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    I think the 75t would do well as a center channel. My understanding is "center" speakers are compromised to fit in a smaller package, therefor there is no benefit in using one instead of a tower other than aesthetics. The csi5 would be a better sounding center IMO than the cs1 or cs2, but some synergy would be lost overall using a center from a different line. So yea I think the 75t is a great idea if you can hide it behind the screen.
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    I'm also running a pair of 75T. Guess you could use another as a center if you wish. The correct timbre match from Polk for an actual center is the Monitor 25c I believe, and that's what I'm running. Timbre matching will give you the same size drivers as I understand it. The 25c is around $199 right now from newegg or Amazon, that's black, the cherry finish is a little cheaper.

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    It's more of a placement issue, depending on how large your screen is, you may want to go with the large center speaker and mount it behind the center of your screen to help give the dialog the feeling of from the screen.

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