i have the polk audio PA660 (amp), the current way its wired is:
1) 8 gage power cable, fuse within 8 inches of battery
2) White/red RCA cables ran from back of radio to amp.
3) trigger (on/off) wire connected to old speaker wires (hard connected to regular speaker out on radio)
4) bridged 2 channels for my 10 inch subwoofer (~~400 watts rms)

the reason i have a problem is: when ever i turn the sound really loud, my sound cuts off. just for the sub connected to the amp. i know its NOT the sub, because when i hard connect my sub to the radio, it works just fine and dandy! i was thinking a .5 or 1 fared compacitor, to keep the volts from dropping to low. but anyone else have this problem and know the solution? thanks!