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    Question RT5 woes - worth fixing?

    I have had a pair of RT5's for roughly six years. For the second time, a driver (woofer) has gone bad. From a look in the parts section, it appears a new driver would cost me $60. It would be easy enough to replace.

    After searching a bit, I get the impression that component reliability has been an issue with this model of speakers.

    My conclusion is leaning heavily towards cutting my losses and moving on with a different/new set of speakers. I have to say that I'm surprised to hear of the problems with this model. I am dissappointed, and to be honest, I am also jaded on Polk Audio.

    If I were to replace these speakers it would be with a set that is similar size and roughly the same price range. I would possibly pay more to stay away from Polk.

    I would be very open to feedback on this whole subject. Thoughts on whether or not I should fix what I have, thoughts on the apparent reliability problems, or anyone else's experience would be helpful to me. I'm not posting my thoughts in order to vent or rant. I actually am looking for something to restore my faith in Polk. It's just that my impression of the component quality has taken a couple of discouraging hits.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Happy Holidays,

    Dave Tozer
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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    I just recently obtained this speaker. It seems to have the original drivers, and my guess are over 6 years old. Heres my take. These speakers sound superb. I enjoy their clearness over my RTi70. Thing is, you might be underpowering them, playing them to loud. I dunno, but I have already put them through their paces and I have no problems.

    They sound incredible, I would fix them. Up to you.

    The RT35i, RTi6 is a great speaker that can perform similar to it. I have owned the RT35i for 2-3 years now. Its been through hell, looks great, works great, sounds great.

    Up to you. Gooday!

    - Sid /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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    What recever or amp and power are you running to your Polks? Sounds like your amp is "cliping" or your pushing to much distortion into the speaker. Two of the BIGGEST speaker killers dont matter if its polk, klipsh, cerwin vega no matter the speaker you'll blow em.
    Recever AVR 8000
    Amp PA 4000
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    Surround FXI 30
    Rear RTI 4
    Sub PSW 140

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