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    Default Opinions PLEASE! should I keep or buy new?

    I was looking to either keep and upgrade my Integra DTR9.1 at a price of $450.00 since I had done the first update. or sell it off and have been looking at the Denon 5803, Yamaha RX-Z1, or the RX-Z9..

    all it is/would be used for is HT, I just don't feel the upgrade to the integra would bring it up to what the 5803 or the others

    any of the 3 is overkill for what and how we use our system, But I like the thought of the 5803.. or the rx-z9 when it out..

    if you don't mind voice to me your thoughts and what you would do, and if its not to much to ask why..

    Thanks and again to those who read this before they are gone,
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Enjoy and be safe.

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    I would say that since you are thinking AVR, go big or don't go at all.

    Your choices are all worthy of a fine HT, pick which one you get the better deal on. It is really splitting hairs at this level of AVR.

    Good luck.

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    Have you looked into Rotel at all?

    I know I thought I was sold on Denon in the past when I was thinking about a new AVR and i'm starting to get quite impressed with Rotel.

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    I agree with doro, go big if you wanna go. I personally like higher powered receievers, it saves the need and expense for multiple amps.

    I have a Denon 1802, but at 80 wpc it did not have enough ass.

    Have you thought about one of these:

    I am a little biased, but this is a very nice unit. It is around the price range you are looking at also.
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    Yea....the Rotel's separates with the 1098 preamp/pro has a LCD display on the front...and it's probably got the best design out of the bunch. The Yamahas and Denon 5803 are all good choices, I think it's just comes down to you getting a good demo out of them. Going separates with Rotel might cost a bit more than getting a AVR from yamaha or denon. Good luck.
    BTW how big is your room, you got the setup that i'm planning on getting for my room also(the speakers that I want) I think i'll end up getting the Rotel separates tho.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the opinions/Help..

    I had not really looked into the Rotel, nor the Sunfire this time around. I know they are some fine choices as well from looking
    at them this first go around when I bought my Integra a couple years ago.
    I guess the this time I just set my sites on the Denon or the Yamaha z1 or the z9.. Would love to have all 3 LoL...

    My room is about 14' by 28'. I will be re-doing the room next year completely.. I want to at that time do some boxing in of a couple windows and doorways.
    I will be researching options for improving the room for sound as well as soundproofing a little in the walls before the new sheetrock goes up.. Once the room is done I may go to a FPTV,
    but this will be a down the road venture..

    I can not say enough about the speaker set up I now have.. they are just outstanding... I will be changing out the RTi4's though for another set of the FXi5's.. I like the 4's but I really like the 5's..
    and if I go with a Yamaha for the new one I will use the 4's up front as well.

    There are just to many choices! but thats a good thing..
    I do have the chance to buy a denon 5803 and try it at home,
    return it for full refund if I don't like it, This is a great deal But
    at 120 miles from the dealer its almost a Pain to do..

    Again Thanks Guys/Gals?

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    Here's my $0.02 - take or leave.

    Return the RTi12's in exchange for the RTi8's and use the difference to get another set of FXi5's.

    Buy a 3803 from 6th Ave for $700 instead of the far more expensive 5803. Unless you care about THX II Ultra post processing, the 5803 is a waste of money and the 3803 will do almost everything it does for way less money and still have plenty of beans to run all seven speakers if they are all set to small with an 80 Hz xo.

    Sell the 650's and buy an SVS PB2+ for $1,200 with the money you saved not going with the 5803.

    The 3803, RTi8, SVS PB2+ combo (with all speaks set to small) will easily outperform the 5803, RTi12, dual 650 combo (with the RTi12 set to large).

    If you are going to keep the 12's, get a separate amp and run them on large with some real power (Adcom 300x2 or similar). The 5803 won't cut it IMO running the 12's on large, nor will most any other AVRs.
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    What Doc said, although selling gear can be time consuming and you lose money on the deal.
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