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    Default Help with new RTIA9's

    Hi all, I just got an incredible deal on 2 RTiA9's, a CsiA6, and 2 RtiA3's. The sub I purchases is the PSW125, though I am disappointing with the cherry finish. The sub might be going back. What I really need help on is a new receiver. I currently have a Sony STR-DH510 and it's terrible with these speakers. I don't know really how to describe how these speakers sounded when first hooked up to the Sony, but it was awful. I was almost getting a ringing of sorts in my ears. Also when the volume was turned up a little, they would distort. I really need help finding a new receiver, one that has pre-outs for eventually getting an amp. What I was looking at is a Pioneer VSX-42 for $250 at my local best buy. The only thing about the Pioneer is that the pre-outs seem to be for zone 2? Not sure what that means. Could someone shed light on this? If this isn't a good receiver, what would you recommend? I have a budget of around $500 for a receiver, new or used, sorry guys I am still young and don't have the money to shell out for a nicer one. Also will these speakers sound way better with a more capable receiver? I really didn't like the ringing in my ears. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am very new to this, I came from crappy Sony speakers that were a 5.1 set.

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    You will ne an AVR with pre-outs and an amplifier to get the A9's to work for you. An amp with a minimum of 200 watts per channel. I don't think you will find an AVR alone that will power them adequately.
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    Some of the best AVR's on the market are the Pioneer SC series and even those will not drive the A9's properly, but would be a lot better than what you have now.

    You might be able to find the older SC-07 in your price range.
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    Couple things, that receiver isn't going to cut it with those speakers. Next, what kind of cables are you using and did you check your connections ? Also, did you set up the receiver....setup the inputs, crossover, set to large or small, etc. You also bought the wrong subwoofer for those speakers, I would send it back.

    500 bucks will be hard to get a new receiver with preouts or enough power on it's own to properly power those speakers. Used however is possible. Check your local craigslist or but I would advise you to stay clear of EBAY. Subwoofer will depend on budget but if you can't afford a better one right now, don't use any then until you save enough. Look for a used SVS, HSU, Polk micro pro sub which will better compliment your speakers.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I knew going into this that my receiver wasn't going to cut it. I have to say though, these speakers are sounding better and better the more I play them. I will keep my eye out for an older SC07. I am using monster cable that I got cheap with monster banana connectors. I know monster is just all hype, but hey I got this stuff for a great price so I might as well use it. I have also played around with the settings of my receiver and gotten it to play a little bit better with my speakers. Also if I'm if I'm looking for an amp in the future, what should I be looking for? Anyone have any models that I should be looking at?



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    Great sounding speakers.
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