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    Default Did I get a good deal on a Thorens TD 160 tt?

    I have been looking for a decent turntable for some time now and just stopped by my local vinatge record shop a few blocks from where I live and purchased a used Thorens TD 160 turntable for $80.

    I knew Thorens turntable were excellent tts but I did not know much about the different models so I made an impulse buy. Heck, for $80, I figured I could not go wrong. It seems to work fine as I tested it out at the store.

    Is the TD 160 a good model?

    Other than a new cartridge for it, is there anything else I should do in order to get it set it up properly? Should I take it to a local vintage audio tech to clean it and set it up for me?

    What would be a good cartridge for it? Would the Shure M97 XE be a good fit for it? I have heard good things about that cartridge and it is reasonably priced so that would be my cartridge preference if it is is a good match for the TD 160.

    I guess I can put another $100-$150 into it but I cannot break the bank tweaking it and modifying it so please keep that in mind with any suggestions and recommendations..

    Thanks. Vinyl here I come!
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    If the belt has not been changed?, thats a place to start. Basic lube and cleaning, motor speed adjustment , clean and set up the tonearm ect. If you have a shop as stated they should be able to do all that and more.the sure cart. Comes with a (paper) cart. mounting gage so thats not a big deal.also you could add a pair of rca connectors from the tonearm and than you could use any grade cable you want amd can upgrade at will ( as the budget allows.)
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    If this is the one, I would say you did alright for yourself.
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    The 160 is a great TT. I have the 145 which is the same unit except has the automatic lift at the end of the record. You got a steal for $80. Congrats!!!

    The sure you mentioned is a great Cart. I have an Ortofon Red on mine which is a pretty nice cart for the money.

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    You got a steal. That's a really good table and there are boat loads of upgrades for them that you can do when time and money permits. Do a search on the net and see for yourself. The Sure would be a great match for that table. Congrats!

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    I have a 126, I think you got a very good deal.

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    That there is a beautiful TT..hope it sounds great and what a great price....randy

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    Talk to UpstateMax. He lives in the Albany area, he is the person I bought my Thorens TD-166 (since sold) from. I know he had it serviced, so he must know someone you can use.
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    TD-160's go for between $250 - $450 on Canuck Audio Mart all the time in stock condition. Higher with mods. You got a great deal and the Shure is a really good fit. Congrats!!!
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    Thanks everyone. I am very happy with the tt. I knew Thorens made great turntables and also knew that $80 for any Thorens model would be a great deal and that is why I went ahead and bought it without knowing anything specific about that particular model. But, from the comments here, and from what I have been reading online about the TD 160, it seems like the TD 160 is one of the better Thorens models. I am really happy to get such a great tt at a fantastic price. I want to jump right into vinyl but I want to be patient so I will first buy a new cartridge for it (Shure M97 XE) and then I will have it serviced and cleaned and set up correctly by a local audio repair shop here. It seems to work fine but I want to have the belt checked, the tone arm balanced, the speed checked, etc, as I have no idea how long it has been since it was serviced or even if it has been serviced at all since it was new. Also, I do not know how old the cartridge/stylus is so I want to get a new cartridge/stylus before playing the few records I have; better safe than sorry. I tested the tt at the shop prior to buying it and it sounded great. I had forgotten how much better vinyl sounds than CDs. I cannot wait to get it all set up...but I will be patient and do it hopefully in a month or so I can have it all ready to go. Thanks again for all of your feedback. It is much appreciated.

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