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    Here's my concerns with your scenario my friend. Using a pro amp and mixer, stating that you want to play it an outdoor environment is an equation for blown tweeters in those M30's. Turning the volume up will overdrive those M30's lickety split with that gear.

    Maybe a better approach for you, given the gear you have, and how loud you like it, would be to find some pro speakers which are ment to handle the volume and power and would better match up with the rest of your gear. Just saying is all, hate to see another post from you about your M30's crapping out on ya.

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    Well, now We are not talking about impedance anymore. Now We are talking about outdoor environments and power handling!
    ok, first if He really likes pushing those speakers to the limit...He can burn them easily!!! He can also fused those speakers to prevent that, but again if He really likes playing music loud, then He has to look for speakers that can handle more power or with higher S.P.L
    And if those speakers are going to be in a place that will be exposed to uv (sun), rain or high humidity...Those speakers will not live for a long time. even if they are under a roof...high humidity will damage the speakers.

    PS: in that case, I would sell those monitors speakers and I would buy JBL control 28 speakers, they will be very good speakers for your patio and you can play them really loud and you will not blow them (they have protection)!
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    I played them today with a sony mch-ec55 which is rated at 65watts rms by 2 at 6ohms.It only has two channels so I connected one pair at a time.They sounded really clear and loud,better than the speakers that came with the sony setup.Also the bass reproduction was deeper.I'm satisfied with the output I got from each pair,it was loud enough for the area ,can't wait to hear all combined!!I'm shopping around for a receiver that has a center channel with the front and rears,so I can also connect the cs1.Any advice ?
    As for the issue with the outdoor environment,the humidity is a factor yes,for sunlight or rain I don't see an issue.

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