Today I sat down in my chair, picked up my iPhone, and pressed play to start my BDP1 file player on random. A song starts but it is very weak sounding. Since it is classical I assume it is the track, and many of them have wide dynamic ranges. Anyway, the next one starts, and it also is weak, and seems to be coming from the right speaker. I put my ear to the left speaker, and sure enough it is quiet. I fiddle with the pre but nothing happens. By now I am starting to wonder what I did last night while drinking beer. I wasn't sure how I could have broken my stereo, but apparently I did.

Anyway, while I was standing there wondering what I did I realized the music was coming from the back, and since the right speaker is near the hallway that is why it sounds like only the right channel works.

Insert face palm here.

I have two BDP1 players, and the iPhone was controlling the one in the HT/surround system. Now all is well.