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Thread: Polk RT7 woofer

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    Default Polk RT7 woofer

    Okay, I'm about to give up on these speakers. I've had to replace a woofer in one of them, as well as a woofer(same model) in my RT16's. I currently have 2 pairs of the 7's. I'm using one pair in my system. The other pair has been sitting in the closet. I pulled them out just now because I wanted to add some semigloss sealer to them. When I put them away, they were working perfectly. But now it looks like one of the woofers has gone bad. I pushed in on it and felt scraping and I know they weren't like that when I put them in the closet. So what gives? Is there any way to simply repair them? I'm tired of waiting months for a woofer to pop up on EBay.
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    How old are the speakers? Did you buy them from a dealer? If so, and you purchased within a reasonable time them register your speakers and contact Polk about your issue. Not saying they are going to give you new speakers but the customer service folks may be able to assist you in some way.
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