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    Default Monitor 70, CS2, Monitor 30 Receiver Upgrade. Worth it?

    I currently have the Yamaha rx-v565 receiver.

    Rated 90watts @ 7 channels.

    I'm thinking about jumping on the the Pioneer SC-1222-K while it's on sale tonight or tomorrow.

    Class D amp, rated 120watts @ 7 channels

    Personally, I don't really care about the features.

    What I want is more power power and a cleaner sound for simply watching movies and listening to music.

    My question is whether people think the Pioneer SC-1222 will be noticeably better @ powering a pair of Monitor 70's, CS2 center, and pair of Monitor 30 rear(5.1) surround speakers than the Yamaha rx-v565?

    The 70's seem pretty power-hunger.

    I am on a budget but could fit this receiver in if it were a big enough upgrade in overall sound over the Yamaha.


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    I call it baby steps. Is it really going to be enough to make a difference?
    Get something that has "Preamp Out" to be future proof so when you want that massive power amp
    you can just bypass the receiver.

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    I was powering a pair of Monitor 70s with a 100wpc NAD receiver & it was too loud for comfort much above 1/2 throttle. That was 2 channel/ music only. Maybe that makes a difference.

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    A lot depends on the size of your room too. With smaller rooms the difference in sound quality is sometimes negligible. Unless you have a really large room and like to run your system at high volumes I don't think you'll notice too much of a difference. To be honest I'd skip the receiver save up and upgrade the speakers. The speakers will probably have more of an impact on the overall sound.

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    For movies, you'd get a bigger bang for your buck with a good subwoofer....which I don't see that you listed having one.

    Also, make sure the receiver you have now is setup properly. Channel levels....set to large or small, etc. Every input on the receiver in use also has to be setup.
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    That's a nice Pioneer. The "entry" level into ICE amp tech on the non-elite side. Should have good power, nice sound, features, etc. And, most importantly, it has PRE-OUTs which you WILL need at some point in the future if you want to up even that amplification.

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