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    Default Can I run 2.7ohm speakers off a Fusion(4 ohm 4X50w) HU?

    Hi, I am starting a new install on my new boat. I have no desire at all of using an amp (due mainly to cost as well as battery usage during hours of sitting around fishing).

    I have already ordered 2 pairs of Polk's MM651 (2.7ohm). I think I may have made a mistake there and should have gotten the MM651um (which are 4 ohm). I wish to run these speakers off a Fusion MS-RA205 http://www.fusionele...series/ms-ra205 which is rated at 50W x 4 (at 4 ohm).

    I am now very worried I may blow something (I will turn the volume right up during skiing). And that I have to try and return the MM615 for the MM615um.

    The retailer (other side of the country from me) assured me that it will be OK, but I am still worried! So should I go through the expense and hassle of swapping these for the 4 ohm speakers, or am I worrying about nothing? On another note, the speaker's box does say it is compatible with 4 ohm outputs.

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    I too,would like to know about this!!! Very important!!

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    Yes, you can and itll be fine. Those are "nominal" impedance ratings. Theyll fluctuate around and wont be that all the time. But yes, itll work just fine. Dont sweat it.
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    The link you provided does not work so here is a link to the radio. And on page 4 of the owners manual it says "Note: Minimum load Impedance 4 ohms" page 6 of the owners manual! So no you cannot drive 2.7 Ohm speaker off it, but if you do try it might cause a issue with the deck itself!

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