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    Default New to audio systems! (monitor 75t, receiver, sub, amp)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm brand new to the idea of setting up and running a high end audio system like this, and i need some help figuring out what to get! (and possibly how to set it up, but thats for later on!)

    Now, i want to buy the new Polk Monitor 75t! It seems badass, and with the current pricing i see, its a steal!

    I also have a 12" Sub to go with it, as well as a Coustic 160se Amp! I had these in my car but never had a chance to set it up. My goal now is to have all of this set up as a sort of home entertainment system for my PC!

    With all that being said, what is my cheapest option for a receiver that will run this with at least decent quality? (im no audiophile so it doesnt have to be absolutely perfect!)

    I want to run all of this for my PC, if that makes a difference.. Are my sub and amp going to work for this set up?

    if everything checks out so far, What do i need to buy in order to get this up and running?

    I'm a complete newbie, so i dont want to make the commitment of buying the monitor 75t until i KNOW im good to go! However its currently on sale, so i need to have my decision made by the 6th!

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and hopefully i learn some interesting/important stuff!


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    Welcome to the forums!

    First off, you are going to run the 75Ts for your computer?? You better have a big enough room other wise you won't be able to enjoy the speakers to the fullest. 75Ts are meant to be in a living room hooked up to a tv for maximum efficiency. I currently am running a 90 watt per channel receiver (Denon 1912) which comparable receivers go for around $400 or so. The sub from your car will probably be a 4ohm speaker which is going to be harder to find a receiver to supply power to them consider that the 75Ts are a 8ohm speaker. My best suggestion would be to get a receiver similar to the denon 1912 or the newer version, 1913 and then get a new "home theater subwoofer" which will cost you are $100 used on craigslist.

    That is my best guess to what to do. However, there are a lot of people of here with more experience that can help you out more than I can.
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    What are your plans for this system?

    The 75's matched with about 100 watt 2 channel intergrated amp from any decent manufacturer will probably be pretty good for 2 channel audio. If you looking for an HT system to integrate them with, that's a different story.

    We just need a little more info on the purpose, and a budget. These guys can spend your money like you wouldn't believe.

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