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Thread: Crossover

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    Default Crossover

    Waiting for the Emo XPA-3 to arrive to power my pair of LSIM 705s and my 704c. Just woudering what crossover should I be setting for my fronts and center after hooking up the Emotiva XPA-3? This is the very frist amp I own and I really need some pro advice from u guys! Thx

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    The crossover only applies if you have a subwoofer in the mix. Just set the speakers to large if you don't in the receivers menu. An amp doesn't change anything you have already setup in the receiver.

    There are no settings in the amplifier itself. You simply connect to the preouts on the receiver. It's as simple as that. Just make sure the amp is off or unplugged before making connections.

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    Thx for the reply, and yes, I do have a pair of Sunfires along with my system. The HRS -12 and the SDS 10. In ths case, should I play around with the crossover

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    Run your auto-cal program afetr hooking up the amp. You may have to adjust the volumn on the sub after adding the amp. Always try to keep that between +/- 5 db.

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