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    Default DXi124 DVC - BB Deal of Day


    Main 2ch:
    Polk LSi15 (DB840 upgrade)
    Parasound: C/PT-600, HCA-800II; Denon: DVD-2910, DRM-800A; Monster HTS3600-MKII, Grado SR-225i

    Denon AVR-888, Polk: RM7, PSW10, Marantz UD5005, Panasonic TC-P42S60

    Other stuff:
    Denon: DRA-835R, DRA-825R, DCD-660, DRM-700A, DRR-780; Polk: RTA11TL (RDO198-1, XO and Damping Upgrades), S8, Monitor 5A, TSi100; Pioneer CT-6R, PL-530; Onkyo CP-1046F; Ortofon OM5E, Marantz PM5004, CD5004

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    Wow, that is a great price for that!
    Receiver: Denon 1912
    Fronts: Polk Audio Monitor 70s (x2)
    Rears: Polk Audio Monitor 50 (x2)
    Center: Polk Audio Monitor 70
    KLH Sub GFX-550

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    I bought one of the DXi124 DVC Polk subs and installed it in the parking lot and it sounds damn better then my Alpine Type R 12in did running off my Alpine MRV-M450 amp in 2 ohms!I
    I tried different songs that seemed to of sucked on my Alpine and this sub did not have a single issue beating out the beats!

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    I punched in the TS parameters of teh DXi124 in a sub simulator... The performance in an optimal box looks pretty abysmal... The F3 is about 55Hz in a sealed box. The Polk MM1240 is better, clocking in at 45Hz. Of the several 12" subs I looked at (including a couple of JL Audios), the best sub I looked at was the $150 Dayton Audio RSS315HF-4. The F3 was 40Hz in a sealed cabinet.

    I bought one and the performance was very good.

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