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    Default Definitive ProSub 80

    Picked up this little baby over the weekend for a decent price. Still tinkering with the bedroom setup, and thought a 8" sub would be perfect to match a bookie setup (still deciding which bookies to get).

    Anyway, hooked up this guy over lunch, put in my TI vs. TIP CD, and calibrated using my ears.

    Let me say, this thing bumps!!! I was skeptical that a 8" sub that is very modestly sized and looks innocuous enough puts out big sound and digs real low. Lot of output, very tight, more musical than the T-20ebs it's paired with, high quality 5-way bindings, all the fixins.

    Sick specs. . .


    Frequency Response: 21-150 Hz
    Driver Complement: One high-definition 8" driver with polymer cone
    Built-in Amplifier: 250 watts RMS
    Low Pass Crossover: 24 dB/octave continuously adjustable variable (40-100 Hz), plus direct LFE input option
    High Pass Crossover: 6 dB/octave at 80Hz
    Auto On/Off: Signal sensing
    Finish: Black ash

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Height: 12-1/2"
    Width: 9-1/2"
    Depth: 15-1/4"
    Approximate Weights: 24 lbs.

    Anyway, if you have a $200 - $250 budget and need big sound from a small sub, put this on your list. I guess with DEI owning Polk, I don't even feel guilty for posting this. . .
    Stereo Rig: Hales Revelation 3, Musical Fidelity CD-Pre 24, Forte Model 3 amp, Lexicon RT-10 SACD, MMF-5 w/speedbox, Forte Model 2 Phono Pre, Cardas Crosslink, APC H15, URC MX-950, Lovan Stand
    Bedroom: Samsung HPR-4252, Toshiba HD-A2, HK 3480, Signal Cable, AQ speaker cable, Totem Dreamcatchers, SVS PB10-NSD, URC MX-850

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    TBFD = Thread back from dead.
    I have two of these and they are very impressive for their tiny size.
    21hz may be in specs only but they deliver the punch to shake everything in room.

    Boston A400,VR950, DefTech BP10,, Klipsch Forte,KSP-400,KSF-C5,RF3,RC3.
    JBL L20t,L80t3, EPI 20+,T/E 280, Polk 4,4.5,5A,7C, KEF Coda III, Yamaha NS-690, Genesis 3+.
    SUB:Deftech PF15TL+, DCM TB1010, Velodyne VA08BVX10. Pre: HK AP2500. Amps: BB175, Adcom GFA-535,555II, Rotel RB-990BX.

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    I have one of the small Velodyne 8" subs. Sounds amazing.
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    LSI FX
    Velodyne SPL-10
    Integra 9.9
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