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    Default Ok, need advice once again

    The other item i have my eye on beside the yammy cr 1000 is a hafler dh 200 for 200 dollars that has had these upgrades by original owner.

    Keep in mind i know very little about these things, so i guess im asking if something glaring still should be done or inferior parts were used, here goes.

    1 Higher capacity power switch

    2 Added inrush current limiter

    3 Upgraded Main filter caps with better quality and higher capacity.

    4 All electrolytics w. Nichicon and Panasonics

    5 Mylar caps to the electrolytics in signal path

    6 rca jacks w. gold plated

    7 Heavier grounding strap between filter caps

    8 Driver board transistors w. matched set to bring DC offset to 0

    If any judgement can be made from this info, please share, obviously, the quality of soldering, etc. cant be known right now, but whatever you can share would be app.
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