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    One more question. If you have a new cord plugged into a normal "unswitched" outlet, but the unit (amp or whatever) is turned OFF for the first 200-300 hours (the amp is plugged in but not being used), does the cord still "burn-in"? The cord is getting current, but does the unit have to be drawing current through the cord in order for the burn-in process to happen?
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    It depends. If there is still an actual load (however small) and the device is in a vampire state then technically you are passing current and the cord is 'burning in' in some fashion.

    If the cord is in a device that has something like an actual rocker switch that makes a full mechanical disconnect of the power then no the cord wouldn't be burning at that point since it's un-terminated at that point. It's the equivalent to plugging a cord into the wall with nothing attached at the other end.
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