I've already told you guys I really like the sound of these and will be keepers for the most part.Originally 1 speaker top the veneer was lifting ever so slightly but for $35 I got them. Since Home Depot opens uber early near me I got a can of Howard's Restore -a -Finish in dark walnut. I already had some very fine grit sandpaper and a block to lightly go over the cabinets. Firstly after the sanding the veneer leveled out and some of the superficial stains are gone. I tack clothed them and them wiped them again. The Howard's application couldn't have been any easier, put it on a rag notthe speaker ) rub w/ grain and viola .1 down letting it dry then on to the next one.After that there's another Howard's product but I couldn't afford it right then and there and is to keep the finish in a pristine shape.
I know w/o pix it didn't happen but when it's all done I will show you . To bad I didn't do before pix but they weren't all that bad and w/ a storm coming I thought this would keep me busy for a little bit.Therapy you know.