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    Default What do you think the value of a CS1000, at set of RT3000s and a set of FX1000's are?

    Hey Everyone!

    I got my first taste of Polk Audio speakers last month when I purchased a NEW set of RT3000p's and a NEW CS1000p. I my hunt to complete my RT5000 set with some FX1000's, I came across an ad for a set of FX1000's, a CS1000p and asset of RT3000s (top of RT3000p's). Unfortunately, he doesn't have the RT3000p subs or amps. I don't really need all the speakers, I was really just looking for FX1000's. What's your thoughts on value? What's your thoughts on using the second CS1000p as a rear center speaker? What's your thoughts on using the RT3000's as side speakers on a 7.2 system?

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    I would use the CS1000 as a rear speaker if I was going to use a 6.1 system. You could use the RT3000's as side speakers in a 7.2 system but the preferable choice would be to use the FX1000 for side speakers in your system and the RT3000 tops as rear speakers in a 7.2 system. Everything would match and would be a great HT setup. Price wise you can pay anywhere for the CS1000's up to $500 depending on condition but they are also found in the $300 and up range. The FX1000 would be anywhere between $300-400 sometimes cheaper on ebay. I am not sure about the tops of RT3000's but $400 to 500 would not be out of the question. All of this depends on condition. If it is a local deal you will save alot of money on shipping. I would go for it if you enjoy your current setup.
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    I love my RT3000's and CS1000. They are unreal! I was looking for a set for probably 2 years and found these babies NEW in the BOX..... with factory tape still untouched. It was quite a find. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the FX1000's. I think I might jump on these additional speakers. It would be awesome to have a matching set!

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