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    Default Recommend a pre amp for a Parasound HCA 1500A power amp

    I will be getting a Parasound HCA 1500A power amp in a few weeks (I am still trying to sell my Parasound HCA 1200 but went ahead on the purchase of the HCA 1500A as it was a too good of a deal to pass up) and would like to know what people think would be a good pre amp for the HCA 1500A.

    I have been looking at the Parasound 2100 pre amp but wonder if that pre amp would be the best match for the 1500A or if there are better options out there.

    I will be using this strictly for 2 channel and would also require a phono input.
    I will be using it to power a pair of Polk SDA 2B TL speakers, a Rotel RCC 1055 CD player, and a Thorens TD 160 tt. My budget is in the $400-$450 range.

    Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions.
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    If you can bump the budget a little bit, and have patience...the Parasound Halo P3 has a phono input, and you should be able to get one used for under $600 easily.

    I haven't heard the 2100, but I looked at it long and hard before deciding for the Halo. From what most people say, I don't think you would go wrong with that unit, your needs and budget.
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    tubes or ss?
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    I too have a Parasound 1500A and I recently picked up a used NAD C162. I was just posting about it in another thread. I have been quite pleased with it. For your budget you might even score the current model C165BEE. Certainly a C162 would be well within your budget.

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