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    Default New PS4 preorders on Amazon $399.99

    Amazon announced yesterday the good news. Only catch is you get it on December 31st? I really do not understand the preorder deal on anything? Peace. D

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    When will it be available in stores?

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    I would guess November, just like the new xbox.

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    I think those dates are just until official dates are release. 12/31 is the end of the year. The one thing we know for sure is that it will be a 2013 release. so I am sure they are just CYA
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    They must plan to have this available for the Christmas holiday rush.

    I am sure they learned their lesson as I remember that when the PS3 was first released around Christmas years ago, there were not many to be found in the stores and the demand was so great and people were really upset about not being able to get it for Christmas. I was one of the lucky ones and got one. A few days before Christmas my 2 youngest sons and I popped in to our local WalMart around 10pm to pick up some junk food after their guitar lesson and we passed by the electronics department and they had just put out two PS3s. You could not find one of those anywhere at the time! People were selling them on ebay for over a thousand dollars. It was just incredible. Well, of course I bought it as my sons were dying to get a PS3. It was like hitting the jackpot. I remember how excited we were to find one, lol. That was nice. But most people were not so lucky and could not get one until well after Christmas. So I hope they learned from that fiasco and will have the PS4 available before Christmas.

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    I've pre-ordered a few items, and they have always shipped before the actual release date! This means that usually I'll get the item on the day the rest of the world can buy it, although there was one time I actually got it a day early.

    In any case, it is great that Amazon will always give us the lowest price, even if the manufacturer raises it between the time we ordered it and the actual date of release.

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    They've no official launch date. But I believe November or early December. They certainly won't be missing the holidays.

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    I think I'm in on the PS4.
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    I pre ordered my PS4 through game stop. I went with the Kill Zone package and added on an extra controller, and camera.
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