I basically just drink water with a few exceptions.
I have one 12 oz coffee in the morning which I like but could do without if I had to. I put 2 packs of sugar in it along with a splash of half n half. I like a beer on the weekends , I try not to drink anything during the week as a rule. I can make a 6 pack last 2 to 3 weeks. All other times I just drink water. I like it , its nice to have , I don't miss soda or any other kind of drink. Honestly once your off the soda , you don't miss it. I make to many other mistakes with my diet , I don't need drinking to be a part of it.
I gained about 25 lbs due to drinking Beer. I can't cut it out of my life as I love it , but I can limit it to the point where it doesn't effect my waist.