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    Default LSiM Speaker Wire Terminations

    Soliciting suggestions for some decent speaker wire terminations to connect up to the new LSiM's. Price is not too much of a concern but I don't want to break the bank either. Thanks.

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    I like the silver spades from Luminous Audio; easy to solder and a very simple silver over copper.

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    Tony, if I'm understanding you correctly you have the speaker cable and are looking for banana plugs or spades. I'd suggest looking at the MIT ICONN system, which consists of a threaded base piece that you solder the wire into and then screw either banana plugs or spades onto it.
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    ^^ Yes that is correct. Banana Plugs most likely, can't use the dual bananas on the LSiM because of the spacing. I'll check out the MIT's. Furotech has an angled set of bananas (4) for about $90 that look tempting.

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