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    Quote Originally Posted by nooshinjohn View Post
    My take is this... if an amplifier and speakers are used to produce sound at a live event, it is still a copy of what the instrument produces and therefore I don't consider it to be anything more than a live concert. there is zero "Point-source" information there to begin with, and this would also hold true for much of the recorded rock music out there. It takes a brilliant recording engineer to sort out that mess and make a great recording of it.

    A live acoustic performance without amplification, or minimal amplified electric guitars are the types of performance that you will find "point-source" imaging to be far more pronounced, and this is where the SDA really shine. The are also somewhat able to clean up a muddled recording, but if the recording is complete crap... well you cant polish a turd.

    Imaging is one of the greatest attributes of SDA, and one that gets significantly better when the mods are done.
    I wonder if we are listening to recorded music from the "sweet spot" of the concert hall, if that even exists, or if we are hearing it from multiple points after being mixed. If the recording mic is in the sweet spot then the SDA effect would be more corrective it seems. I notice sometimes that one instrument is not as involved as others. It makes me think the recording level is lower on that particular instrument making the recording not as accurate as it could be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDA1C View Post

    This is where I am getting the disconnect in theory. If it is an acoustic presentation than I would certainly agree and i believe that would be one giant piunt source. If it is an amplified concert and the Mixmaster B is involved, hehe, does that not reduce the single instrument sources to distinct and mixed point sources? I wonder how the sound would jumble if it were simply each instrument amplified to its own channel and the stack was in the same position as the instrument? It would seem the mixer eliminates the multiple point source theory, no?

    There was a wall of sound for The Dead shown here a few months back, would it be two point sources or just one big one or multiple sources all on the same plane? I do not see how the sound could be IA compensated if mixed. I also don't see how the sound could be balanced properly if each instrument were amplified separately with the instruments own channel. Seems like a one or the other sort of option.
    I don't consider a symphony orchestra as one giant point source. All the different instrumentalists? Yes. All different single sources of sound that are paints in the big picture. Cream live on stage? Maybe. If you keep the mixer out of it, and Bruce and Clapton have their own separate stacks of Marshalls, well apart on the stage. If they stand in front of those Marshall stacks, how do you keep those Mashalls out of the mics devoted to the vocals? You can't. How do you keep even a non-amplified Ginger Baker out of those also?

    The only thing I know is that Zappa, and The Byrds had some good sounding concert albums, with more than three guys in the band.

    That's it, I forgot the question.

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