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Thread: BWI store

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    Default BWI store

    I passed through BWI last Friday on my way home from a week out of town for work, and as I was rushing to my gate, I saw a small Polk store. I stopped briefly since I didn't have time, but got a glimpse of some nice headphones.

    I was wondering if there are many other Polk store like this one around?

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    I believe the Polk store at BWI is a one of a kind.
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    ... makes sense, though, doesn't it?

    I used to pass through BWI pretty regularly but I don't recall seeing it. Heck I grew up about 2 miles from the airport (but it was "Friendship International" then, and it belonged to the City of Baltimore)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhardy6647 View Post
    ... makes sense, though, doesn't it?
    sure it does

    and to clarify, it didn't seem to belong to any specific store, more like Polk owned... that's why I was curious about it. That and the fact that quick search here didn't yield anything...

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