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    Default LF-14 Experience

    Does anyone use a LF-14 speaker in their system? I have a lot of RTA-12 parts and am considering putting together a LF-14 since the LF-14 is low frequency module of the RTA-12. The only thing I would need would be a LF-14 crossover.

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    A great guy from AK offerred me a free LF-14 with a purchase of some Monitor 10Bs. The LF-14 doesn't really seem to add much bass so I'm still looking for anyone who has experience with how a LF-14 should sound.

    The good news is the Monitor 10Bs are nearly perfect although they don't have the stands.

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    Have you tried emailing Polk Customer Service and, or, engineering? Stu Lumsden may be a good place to start.

    If the LF 14's are not producing much bass I would start trouble shooting. My RTA 12C's produce plenty of tight bass, though not in the 20 hz. range. I would expect the 14's, which are the bottom half of the 12's to go lower as they should be tuned for that and don't have to cover any mid range.

    If the Xover has never been touched that would be a necessary upgrade. Electrolytic caps have a definite lifespan, and by now those are gone to god! Plus rebuilding it with modern film caps and resistors would give you upgraded components that Polk didn't have access to back then.
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