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    Default These any good Never heard of them.

    1945 Hytron JHY 6AK5 W 5654

    As the title says never heard of Hytron before. Were they considered good, better or great?
    They seem kind of expensive watching two sets one 1954 and one 1945

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    I would look at Telefunkens and Amprex tubes as well...

    Always had good luck with them, but what do I know. I have only purchased a couple dozen tubes in my lifetime.
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    Well John so far I have bought
    GE JAN 5654w x5
    Siemens 6AK5w x2 German
    and these which I've yet to get

    So I have a good start. I understand the Hytron's were made in Massachusetts
    Not to mention you know more than I may ever know about tubes.
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