My creation muha haha.
I got a Polk MicroPro 4000 with a bad plate amp for $50. I love the look of the sub and when it did work it sounded great. So I purchased a Crown xls1000 on sale for $249 and a Art clean box pro for $65.

I removed the amp from the plate rewired the rear speaker inputs that where used for the crossover and fed them directly to the speaker. Now I just plug nanners directly from the amp to the speaker terminals keeps the look super clean

The amp is beastly running it bridged it does 700rms. People seem to think that its a conservative rating. All I know is it packs a wallop. Using it in my HT and it smokes my dsw600. Hits much harder, digs deeper, and its very smooth. It took me sometime to get both working together in the system, but now it sounds great.

Anyone looking for a very inexpensive amp that gives a lot of watt per dollar value I recommend the Crown XLS line. It has a internal crossover so it works great for a subs or mains. It is a digital amps so it weighs about 10lbs runs extremely cool and when the fan does kick on you cant hear it even while standing next to it. This amp is a pro amp so you will need something to up the lower consumer level voltage to a pro level voltage. Before I installed the cleanbox I had the sub volume in the AVR maxed and then the gain on the sub just under max. It produced bass but nothing earth shattering like it does now. Running off my Carvers it barely produced any sound.
It comes with a no questions asked 3 year warranty which is pretty cool.

People have mentioned that for what I spent I could have gotten a decent sub. I wanted to try something different and I dont think I would find a enclosure as sleek and sexy as the MicroPro box. If the driver dies I will just through another 12" in.

I am happy with my setup. Here is a older photo. I got it under a table now with the amp on that instead of on the sub. So it looks a little better now