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Thread: Cancelation

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    Billy Z.

    Default Cancelation

    This has confused me for quite a while. From what I have read in stereo books (home and car), speakers cancel each other out somewhat when they are facing each other. But lately I have seen alot of really nice car installs with the subs facing each other. Im not talking about isobaric loading. Im taking about someone installing one sub on each side of the car facing inward. Kind of like what was done with the 98 M3 (although not to the degree others have done). Does this compromise perfomance? Or do they just do that for looks regardles of the decrese in performance?

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    Having the subs facing each other on opposite sides of the vehicle will not compromise their performance. The increased distance apart and the addition of the second woofer will improve the bass response as well as eliminate the chance of any standing waves in the car. The only thing that could possibly hinder their performance would be if one woofer was wired out of phase therefore causing the woofers to cancel each other.
    The further back the woofer are installed into the vehicle from
    the driver's seat location, the greater the low frequency extension
    depending on the vehicle's transfer function. This is how the woofer interact with the interior of the vehicle.


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