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    Default Question about airspace?

    I am building a custom wedge box for my two mm100's. I've been told by a couple of box builder's to only have 1feet^3 of airspace. Yet, shouldn't it be .62*2=1.24feet^3?

    Also, I've been planning on doing it without a divider because I will be running them bridged. Is this ok?

    Thanx for all the help

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    To get the best possible performance build a 2 chamber enclosure that has a sealed volume of .66 for each chamber. If you plan on building a common chamber for both woofers, then the recommended volume is 1.0 cubic feet. Install 3/4 to 1 pound
    of polyfill in the enclosure, and allow 40 hours of playing music at a reasonable level to let the driver's suspension "break in".
    A good crossover frequency for these woofers is 80 to 90 Hertz.
    Just make sure that the amplifier is capable of driving a 2 Ohm bridged mono load. The recommended power for these woofers is between 400 to 800 Watts.

    Happy Bassing!!

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    Default Any designs?

    Does polk have any designed boxes that they will give the plans out? Thanks a bunch

    Just so that I have this right...its 1.0cu foot for BOTH subwoofers? Not 1 per woofer. (totaling 2)
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