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    Talking Mustang GT Install

    I've been reading through other posts and other websites about the mm12's. All I have to say is if you disregard those people who just want to say that everything sucks, these things are awesome. So my question is, I want to put 2 mm12's in my 2000 mustang gt, is sending 800watts to each from 2 RF 800a2's going to be overkill? I.E. should I just get one amp and send 400 to each? Im new to all of this, but my friend just got three JL 10's in his cougar and I wanted to put those things to shame--if I remember correctly they are only rated at 375 max (maybe it was RMS) either way I want more bass than all my friends. Don't ask why Im just like that, jk Thanks in advance to all of your responses---Peter

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    Default Enclosure

    also what type of enclosure should I use? Just wondering because I dont know, I've looked at the ones that are listed under sub box plans, but there aren't any for dual 12" momo's, just the single sealed enclosures. I wouldn't be doing it myself (obviously) b/c I was blessed with living near Watertown, MA where Rich Inferrera can do my install. Anyway thanks again--Peter

    P.S. I can't wait till I get all this done

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    Just get it as close to the specs as you can for best results. If you put 400 to each of them you'll actually hurt the subs. Having not enough power could cause your amp to clip.. if that means anything to you, but basically it hurts your woofer worse than if you overpowered it. I'm not an expert on car audio, and it doesn't take one to know, but powering right at specs or a few watts higher works the best. I've never blown a sub from overpowering other than this fosgate piece of crap I had and was accidentally pushing double power to. Long story... but yeah.. it didn't last long, just try not to go too high with the power. But anyway, the best way to do it is just push 1000 max to each or run it 500 RMS. Same with the box. Just get it as close volume wise to the specs as possible. And believe me... that's all you'll need to beat JL 10s. You picked a good set of subs for that job.
    - CaptainOreo

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