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    Default info needed on B & K Pro 10 pre amp

    I am in the process of getting a Parasound HCA 1500A power amp (it will be shipped on Monday!) and the seller of that amp told me that he also has a B& K Pro 10 pre amp for sale if I am interested.

    I do not know anything about this pre amp and am looking for any information about it.

    Is it a good pre amp?
    Would it be a good match for the Parasound HCA 1500A power amp?
    What is a reasonable price for one in excellent condition?
    Does it have a phono stage? (need one for my Thorens tt)

    The seller has not told me what he wants for it yet but he did tell me it is in great condition (the pic he sent confirms it) and that he just had it looked at/serviced to make sure it is in great shape.

    I had sort of decided on a Parasound 2100 pre amp to match with the Parasound HCA 1500A but am now looking at this option as well and would appreciate any information on the B & K Pro 10 pre amp.

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