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    Default Ht receiver for RTI a3

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my Yamaha RX-V471. What would be the best choice, I will use the receiver for 30% movie and 70% music so I need it to be good for 2 channels music also.
    I was looking at the Pioneer elite vsx-60 or Yamaha RX-A830. My main speakers are the RTI a3. I am looking to upgrade them for towers in a near futur.

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    Either one will be fine for the a3's The Yamaha has pre-outs for an amp if you decide to upgrade later.

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    I would definately consider one with preouts. Also don't forget Onkyo TX-NR series. Welcome to CP.

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    +1 and then some on the advice to get an AVR with preouts so you can add a dedicated external amp.

    I ran the RTiA3s as my fronts - and they REALLY sounded better with a good amp with power....really.

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    Check out the Marantz AV receivers You can go from around 700 to 2000 , and they have preouts. I have owned lots of Yammies, and like the Marantz sound much more for music and ht. Build quality is a bit better, and that is not to say Yamaha is bad... I have never had a problem with the 5 or so i have owned, but listen to the Marantz side by side with a comparable Yamaha and then choose.
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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    Normally I'd say the Pioneer hands down. But since that Yamaha is part of the NEW Aventage series, I would say either one will do you. Yamaha has really upped their game with this series!

    Marantz and Denon are also possibilities. I run a Denon with A3s up front in my basement system and it sounds fine!

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