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    Default Monitor 70 Bad Tweeter or Crossover

    Hi all,

    I have a pair of Monitor 70s that I picked up for a sweetheart deal a little over a year ago. Being in college we attached them to some junker receiver and never bothered to invest in anything decent to power them. This was all fine until a month or two ago when some rowdy partying left our speakers sounding muffled and without much to say for high tones. After they went bad I spoke briefly to someone at customer service who said it was either the tweeter or crossover that went bad. I'd bet it's a tweeter but before I start buying up parts and paying for shipping I figured I would ask if there is a way to definitively determine whether it's a tweeter or crossover problem.

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    Are BOTH tweeters OUT? Because that would be the simplest way to tell: just replace the bad one with the good one. If it works, it's the tweeter. If not, the crossover. You can also take the tweeter out and take it to someone who has a test meter and they can tell you if it's alive or dead.

    More will chime in here, I'm sure.

    It's unlikely you fried the crossover, IMO. The Monitor tweeters are pretty "easy" to take out with a little clipping!

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    Thanks for the help cnh. Unfortunately both of the tweeters are out otherwise I would have done just that. When I say the tweeters are out I mean no sound at all, not even a hum, which I'm not sure is indicative of anything other than there is a problem.

    If those tweeters are pretty easy to break then it's likely that's the case. Our receiver was pretty bad about outputting a high frequency squeak when a 3.5 mm cable was disconnected from an ipod or laptop. It's very possible that signal blew the tweeters when someone just had to play that new song I hadn't heard yet.

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    Remove tweeters hook directly to receiver output (speaker wires) at low volume (so long as the receiver is nothing special)

    Sound? Xovers No sound? probably the tweeters. Simple :)

    I personally have never blown any drivers in my monitors, so invest in a nice clean power source. It doesnt have to be anything special. A dayton audio T amp for $80 will do the job for cheap.

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    Both at the same time ehh. Make sure the terminal jumpers are tight.
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