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Thread: Speaker setup

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    Default Speaker setup

    Hi all

    I am a new member, can someone please help me set up my surround sound speakers, I have a 7.1 Sony surround sound system, my problem is my back speakers, I have an open plan kitchen living area, I would like to know how I need to configurate the speakers.

    There is a window on the back and side f the room, my idea is to wall mount the 2 of my back speakers according to specs and put the other 2 speakers on stand just below these wall mounted speakers.

    What is the right hz to set up for music and DVD


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    What is the right hz set for subwoofer for music and DVD

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    central Texas, trailer court on right


    The answer you will probably get for both questions is let your ears decide.

    As far as speaker placement, there are cieling mounts, and may solve your problem. Probably not the ideal to place surrounds and rears a top of each other.

    As for the sub setting, run your auto-cal program, after placing your speakers, and listen. If you have an issue, something you don't like, start another post.

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