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    Default Any one know Dali Speakers


    I just saw a pair of Dali Blue 1001 at the local Goodwill they are in good condition 8/10 and price is $125 for the pair. Not much info out there.

    AMP- Parasound 2125, Adcom 585
    Mains for HT and some Music- RTi12s
    Main for Music only- Linn Keilidh or Usher V-601 and SDA 1C
    PreAmp for Music: Cary AE-3
    Rear- RTi8s
    Sub-JBL L8400P 12"
    Player- Oppo BDP-103
    TT: Looking for a new one.
    Phono Pre-Amp: BBE FJB-200X

    Bedroom rig:
    Pionner Elite VSX-30
    Onkyo CS-5VL SACD Player
    Polk Audio LS70
    Hunting for a sub...

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    Dali makes some excellent speakers. They are more known for their hybrid tweeter design and Megaline designs. I have the Mentor 2 speakers which have the hybrid tweeter. They are not for everybody, but hard to argue that they are not a great speaker.

    The Blue 1001 are probably worth a listen, but $125 seems a little high for an at least 10 year old speaker that was on the entry level of their series.

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