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I'm interested in reading your impressions after a month of burn in.
This isn't a review, but after a week it is coming along nicely. At low levels it complements the Shunyata Anaconda ICs I added a few weeks ago. Everything is much more detailed, and precise, within the soundstage, and the soundstage appears a bit wider. This is mostly with classical music at low (70-80db) levels. Female jazz CDs show better bass, and greater clarity in their voices. I have heard a few times where it seems as if their singing occasionally goes off key, and I do not remember noticing that before.

Anyway, the biggest change so far appeared last night, and left me sitting with my mouth open, and laughing with pleasure, since it was an absolute surprise. Since today is the 4th I was able to stay up last night, listen to tunes, and drink beer. After about 4 beers I get into a R&R mode, so I starting playing some. When I cranked up the volume the soundstage literally expanded out to me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was huge, and filled in the whole triangle of speakers and chair. Instruments where at various levels, depths, and locations within it. I had never experienced anything like that before. This was way beyond a modest improvement. It is huge, and makes me glad I made this purchase.

Now I need to get some work bonuses, and a lotto winning, so I can get a pair of X600.5 amps. Does it ever stop?