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    Default Tube Pre-amp and Tuner Service (bench check) in Maryland

    I recently bought a tube pre-amp and tuner at a yard sale and need to have them bench checked before I power them up.

    Looking for a knowledgeable/reputable technician or company that can do this local to me - Maryland / Delaware / Northern VA or SE Pennsylvania.

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    Thanks in Advance,

    p.s. the pre-amp is Model C-11 and the tuner is Model MR-71

    p.s.s. I don't think they've been powered up in the last 9 years
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    Pretty sure I hate you right now.
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    Check with our gentleman at arms moderator, Kenneth Swauger. I'd be willing to bet he'd know of someone in our area that would be qualified.

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    Nice combo!
    You might consider a Variac to see if they work, maybe find someone locally that you can borrow one.
    Would not damage them to try.

    Those are known "lifers", they may still be good.

    If It were me, I would send it to someone with the best reputation.
    I have seen references on other forums that are highly regarded.

    That set would be worth spending some coin IMHO.
    Best of everything and your great grandchildren will prolly still be listening to them 40 years from now.
    May still work just fine!

    Build ya a dim bulb tester (pm me if you need some advice) and you can see if they work and possibly "re-condition" the filter caps also, without hurting anything.
    Even if you want to borrow one, I have a couple here.

    Your journey may have just ended with that purchase!

    If they were mine, I would be looking for the best tech available, and consider putting the best in them.
    Wish I could help with a good tech, but should not be too hard to find searching other forums.

    I'm jealous, really nice set, and appear to be in very good condition.

    The only thing I run across at garage sales around here is Mc Aiwa, and alot of Mc Sony!
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    A true "Alignment" on that tuner is going to cost ya, but the pre should not be real bad, new "Orange Drops" or better, and a thorough cleaning/checkup, as long as there is no tranny problems.
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    I love my MR-71! Good luck with it. Ken Swauger could give you a recommendation.

    My MR-71


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    Nice finds, true classics! I can certainly measure both THD and IM distortion, frequency response check for high level and phono inputs on the preamp. Also measure power supply voltages and compare to factory specs. The tuner requires specific test gear and correctly doing an alignment is an art form. Frankly I would turn the tuner on and see how it sounded on a few stations.
    Enjoy, Ken

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    Try BAL 1090 and listen to the O's!!!

    Nice yard sale find!!!!
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    Very nice p/u you have there. If you find no one local the guy to go to is Terry DeWick. He has a great reputation and specializes in Mc gear. Read his site he might be out for a month but if you can talk to him or Tom maybe they know of someone closer to check your stuff and maybe if interested have some cabinets also.No affiliation ,I have spoken to both guys.

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